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About Us

GBL is looking to serve the needs of foreign companies as they develop their business activities in Russia. It also assists Russian companies in entering foreign markets.

GBL specializes in the oil and gas industry and related areas. We also assist companies operating in other areas.

GBL's experts have considerable experience over a number of years in building up collaborations of Russian firms with companies from Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, Brazil, Germany, Finland and Bulgaria.

We provide the following services and products:

For non-Russian companies:
- Advice on developing your business in Russia
- Concept creation for promoting foreign brands on the Russian market
- Implementation of business projects in Russia
- Representational activities in Russia
- Search for potential Russian customers and suppliers
- Customized market research in Russia
- Support for GOST-R product certification
- Sale of completed analysis reports on Russian and foreign markets

For Russian companies:
- Advice on the development of international markets
- Concept creation for promoting Russian brands in overseas markets
- Implementation of business projects abroad
- Overseas representational activities
- Search for potential foreign customers and suppliers
- Customized market research for overseas markets
- Support for product certification in accordance with international standards
- Testing of products in independent foreign laboratories
- Development of presentational materials and web sites for Russian companies to Western standards
- Sale of completed analysis reports on Russian and foreign markets

For details, see sections Services and Products.

If you have decided that you want to make maximum impact on the Russian market, please contact us. We know how to help you.

With best regards,
The GBL Team

The working languages of the company are English and Russian.

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