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How can we help a foreign manufacturer enter the Russian market?

Experience shows that when coming into the Russian market most foreign manufacturers have to solve many new specific challenges. Many of them are absolutely correct in understanding that having established a business at home and having achieved success in other countries, they will have to make maximum effort to achieve the same results in Russia.

In addition to competitive prices and quality, the Russian market puts other basic requirements on foreign companies:
▪ a clear understanding of the mentality of the target market;
▪ understanding the system of state control;
▪ certification of the product to conform to Russian standards;
▪ presentational materials in Russian;
▪ the possibility for rapid exchange of documentation in Russian;
▪ and crucially, the presence of a competent agent/representative of the company in Russia

GBL was created to address the above problems with a one-stop service. For details, see the relevant sections:


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Market research in the Russian market

Product certification in Russia

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